Metalúrgica de Bolueta
Metalúrgica de Bolueta
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Construction, machining and repair of metallic parts and assemblies
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About Us

M.B. group is composed by two companies, Metalúrgica de Bolueta S.A. & Metalúrgica de Bengoetxe S.A., which have been working together since their were founded in 1964 to offer the best service and quality in the construcion and machining of workpieces to costumers drawings, seeking always to achieve maximum customer satisfaction...
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In METALURGICA DE BOLUETA S.A. we have a large range of machinery that we present below:
Metalúrgica de Bolueta - Quality

The quality of our products is the hallmark of our tradition as a company and our best guarantee for the future. A rigorous quality control, built with the latest technology,.... [+] more


Polígono Industrial Bekea nº 7 A
48960 Galdakao, Vizcaya- (ESPAÑA)

T. (0034) 94 457 10 00
F. (0034) 94 457 07 85