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Construction, machining and repair of metallic parts and assemblies

In METALURGICA DE BOLUETA S.A. ​​we have a large range of machinery that we present below:

CNC Lathers
Mechanical Lathers
CNC Boring Machines
Milling Machines
Machining Centers
Quality control equipment
Grinding Machines
Drilling Machines
Welding equipment
Handling Equipment
1 Surface Grinding Machine 1500x500 mm.
1 Cylindrical Grinding Machine Ø 220x900 mm.
1 Cylindrical Grinding Machine Ø 300x2000 mm.
1 Centerless Grinding Machine Ø 50x1000 mm.


Polígono Industrial Bekea nº 7 A
48960 Galdakao, Vizcaya- (ESPAÑA)

T. (0034) 94 457 10 00
F. (0034) 94 457 07 85

Metalúrgica de Bolueta - CertificateMetalúrgica de Bolueta - Certificate