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Construction, machining and repair of metallic parts and assemblies
About Us

M.B. group is composed by two companies, Metalúrgica de Bolueta S.A.    &   Metalúrgica de Bengoetxe S.A. , which have been working together since their were founded in 1964 to offer the best service and quality in the construcion and machining of workpieces to costumers drawings, seeking always to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Metalúrgica de Bolueta and Bengoetxe facilities

The group has three plants with a total covered area of 5075 m². Its machinery is modern and its technical and specialist staff of 92 are highly experienced, as they do 120.000 hours machining per year.

We have a modern and advanced equipment for machining parts and products to get accurate, quality and competitive price.

Metalúrgica de Bolueta facilities

Industry Leaders

Metalúrgica de Bolueta S.A., is a company dedicated for over 50 years to repairing, construction and machining of parts and assemblies in general according to  drawing or customer request. Unit parts, big and small. Small, medium and big series.

We maintain a continuous improvement of our productive capacity, reviewing and optimizing our manufacturing processes .



Polígono Industrial Bekea nº 7 A
48960 Galdakao - (ESPAÑA)

T. (0034) 94 457 10 00
F. (0034) 94 457 07 85